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Little Support Heroes is a NDIS registered business, which provides a wide variety of support services to cater for the individual requirements to meet the specific needs of each client.

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About us

Our programs begin with the assessment of the individuals needs in line with this tailored NDIS plans, creating a support program that is reviewed and assessed on an ongoing basis. Our clients have access to mobile Allied Health Professionals, Early Childhood Intervention Specialists and Support workers. Our flexible support programs may include gross motor skills, social skills, fine motor skills, auditory skills and community inclusion amongst other areas. Our flexible mobile Allied Health team visit you in the comfort of your home.


Little Support Heroes is a diverse NDIS Provider who has teamed up with Early Childhood experts to provide Support Co-ordination, Therapeutic support and Early Childhood Education support to children aged 2 to 17 years old. 

Children playing indoor cricket

Your child's sports support journey begins here!

We have developed a flexible program that can cater directly to your child’s interests whilst also supporting them to tackle a variety of challenges they may not necessarily find easy to help build their confidence. With us, your child will not only be cared for in a warm and welcoming manner but also be encouraged to explore new and fundamental skills through various sports and activities whilst having fun. Your child’s development is important to us, which is why we believe in introducing a holistic approach that encompasses aspects catering for their psychological, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

By incorporating aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard, we align our program with your child’s developmental milestones. Through our process, we also believe parents play a pivotal role in the development of their children. For that reason, your input will help create the foundation of your child’s program.

We thank you for your interest and welcome any questions or enquiries you may have.

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Social and Emotional
  • Forming positive relationships with others

  • Expressing themselves/self-control

  • Showing understanding and empathy towards others

  • Responsible decision making

Gross Motor Skills
  • Balancing

  • Throwing

  • Catching 

  • Hitting

  • Jumping

  • Kicking

Fine Motor Skills
  • Writing/colouring

  • Hackie sack play

  • Meal preparation

  • Sensory play

Speech and Language Development
  • Manners

  • Terminology for each sport or exercise

  • Counting and colours

  • Understanding of language

  • Use of language

Cognitive Development
  • Recognition

  • Learn and problem solve

  • Creativity

  • Memory

  • Focus

  • Whole body listening

All sporting equipment will be provided by us however, we are more than happy to use any equipment, providing that it is in a safe or structurally sound condition. This component of our program is not based on weather as it is designed to be flexible and run in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our Full Range of Support

  • Daily Personal Activities

  • Development Life Skills

  • Group/Centre Based Activities

  • Participate Community

  • Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangement

  • Innovative Community Participation

  • Early Childhood Support

  • Therapeutic Supports

  • Ex Phys Pers Training

  • Assistive Equipment for Recreation

  • Household Task

More About the Program

By combining sport with support, it allows us to have a greater lasting impact in shorter timeframes. We believe that by creating good habits in a positive environment, we can engage your child and increase the amount of information they can retain. 

Our staff bring a diverse range of skills, experience, and qualifications from babysitting, nannying, childcare, teaching and coaching various sports.

As a part of the Little Support Heroes’ requirements, all staff at the minimum have the following:

  • Referenced Checked

  • Working with Children Check

  • Current First Aid Certificate

  • Public Liability Insurance

What makes us different?

The Little Support Heroes Program has been developed with the aim of providing a holistic approach to the therapy needs of your child.

Our team of highly qualified sports coaches, Early Childhood Professionals and other Allied Health Professionals work collaboratively with your NDIS plan and goals to develop a sports support program to help build the confidence and self-esteem of your child, enabling them to engage with our team members in a fun and meaningful manner.

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