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Little Sports Heroes program has been developed to allow children to experience different sports whilst we teach them ball skills, as well as providing a basic fitness program.

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About us

Bringing together a combination of passion, energy and quality we endeavour to provide the best possible program to help build confidence, emotional resilience and a sense of identity in your children.

Our weekly sports incursion program is delivered both indoors and outdoors in any childcare setting. Providing a minimum of two coaches, we provide a variety of different sports, games and experiences throughout the year. Our program is designed with the flexibility to cater for children as young as 12-months through to Kindergarten.

Incorporating the necessary aspects of the Early Years Framework, we break down each sport into three-four week blocks to help retain knowledge through repetition, while always keeping activities fresh and interesting. Certain sports will be revisited throughout the year to see what information the children have retained and to gradually make sessions more complex as their confidence and ability increase.

Considering that every child is unique and responds differently to various techniques, we pride ourselves on working with smaller groups, ensuring each child receives individual focus to grow and develop their skills.

Little Sports Heroes

What makes us different

Understanding no two children are alike and the need to deliver a flexible, age-appropriate program, we provide a minimum of two coaches to every session. Doing so enables us to provide one-on-one support to children in need while still maintaining a smaller group setting. Our programming is created around the Early Years Framework and endorsed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. We endeavour to run a program that helps children tackle the adversities of change and transition. By helping build emotional resilience, confidence and independence, we hope your little sporting heroes will feel like they can tackle any challenge that faces them. Our support extends beyond day-to-day operations in Early Education services to working with local councils, various fundraisers and community events.

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